Focus in the Community We have other occasional events. For example: Concerts - some given by our own people, some by invitation to other groups Christmas Fayre - for fundraising, but fun as well. Our lunches go down very well! We believe we have a comfortable and well-maintained set of buildings. Rooms are available for rent, either regularly or on a one-off basis. The current room rent is £15 per hour. To book a room, please telephone 0161 - 789 1129   or  e-mail      Photos Church in general Minister - Rev. Clare Stainsby Church Secretary Church Treasurer Property Secretary Property Steward 1 Property Steward 2 Room Booking Newsletter Editor Some Church E-mail Contacts

Our premises were hired by Salford City Council during the summer for a ‘Boot Camp’ exercise group.

A new Council group is about to start up for ‘Red Pepper’ health improvement team.

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